New Outlook On Fiction

Life and Book Update

So… I’m back! I have been writing. I swear. Quietly. In a corner. But I did disappear for a bit and there were reasons for that hiatus.

So the cute one of those reasons… I had a baby! And unfortunately the complications that I had with my first were not a one off thing (detailed in another Blog post) . It was a “going to be every pregnancy and escalate with each one” kinda thing.

Now I knew there was that risk, I was prepared for that. Or at least I thought I was. But there were some things I just didn’t know about, like permament organ damage, maybe not going to full term kinda things, and it turns out I was really, really, REALLY not prepared.

But, thanks to an outstanding doctor my second baby girl (and sadly most likely my last) was born earlier this year and we are both doing great now.

The trauma of my personal 2020 not to mention the massive elephant in the room we all know about that ALSO derailed 2020 means Golon’s book is way behind any schedule I once had. I currently have the story fully outlined and about half of the manuscript drafted. I am making progress but it’s still slow going.

This was just something to let you all know about the delay, and that I honestly don’t have a time frame. I refuse to just spit out words to finish the book, Golon and Marilee deserve better.

I have some ideas to help bridge the long wait between books but haven’t committed to anything yet. Giving some thought to creating a patreon and sharing what I have written as a sneak peak for subscribers along with a few other added bonuses and perks, such as being in the acknowledgements, having a say in the story development by telling me what you are hoping to see, etc. But not fully committed to that yet. Would depend on interest really.

Another idea is posting just the first chapter to the blog, similar to the sneak peaks given in each of the other books.

Or both.

If you have a preference let me know! I am currently posting more things on IG, FB, and Twitter but most of that is just day to day life and writing updates. No spoilers or anything juicy. And I’m notorious for spacing and abandoning social media for months once writing really gets going. But, I’m going to try to be forth coming.

That’s all I’ve got for you wonderful people, thank you for reading my words and as always Happy Reading!


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