Find Your Next Read: E.M.’s Recommendations

As many of you know, if you read my bio, I am an avid reader. Like, really avid. Like insane avid. I have been accused of being addicted to reading on many occasions.  And to be honest it is true. If I am being completely serious, the rise of ebooks was perfect for me. I can carry around my entire, and quite extensive, library with me everywhere I go. Without looking like a weirdo hauling a suitcase behind me.

And if you are on this page you too have suffered the pain of wanting to find that next book. The book that is going to just take you by the heartstrings and not let go.  The type of book you can’t help but read again and again. And again.

And while I write in my own genre, I read in basically all fiction genres if there is at least a small romance angle. So I have come up with a list of my all-time favorites. I’ll add more as I find them.

If you do decide to purchase any of these books from the links  embedded in the pictures below, I may receive a small commission based on that sale, but in no way does that impact which books I am listing as recomendations.

These books are simply my legitimate favorite books in the whole world and I want to share them with you all. Likewise, if you want to share your all-time favorites I would love to hear them. I am always looking for new books.

I am going to break them down by genre. I hope you will find them as enjoyable as I do.

Science- Fiction/Alien Romance

Now I could easily say my books are my favorite obviously (insert eye roll and a goofy smirk here) but that is not the purpose of this list. To be honest I did not read this genre very much before I wrote in it, the story of how I chose my genre will be a tale for another time. But since writing my books I have found a series that I love.

But it is a bit strange, some books in the series are written by different authors and some I haven’t read because the writing style just isn’t for me. So I am specifically listing the books in this series written by this specific author.

The Krinar Chronicles by Anna Zaires

It is an interesting tale, with a new take on how life started on Earth and gives an outlook I find refreshing. It is a different kind of story, which you will find is a theme with me. My favorite books are the ones that are unique. That tells a story you don’t find anywhere else.

If you think it might be to your liking, follow the link above to read the full description.

Disclaimer: These books are part of a series, but this link is for the complete set.

Contemporary Romance

Now there is a ton of really good books in this genre, and I have dozens of books I love to read and several authors. But the criteria to make it onto this list is that I have to have read it at least ten times. So that narrows down the pool quite a bit.

Topping the chart is:

Draw by Cora Brent

This is a wonderful, heartwarming story that is not the standard rich man meets poor girl story we all have read a million times. (Don’t get me wrong, I do love that story too and some of this list will no doubt be that type of story at some point, but this stands out because it’s not).

The characters in this book truly grabbed me and had me rooting for them. This is an enemies turned lover’s tale with just enough unique challenges to make it interesting.

I have included a link to the Amazon page for this book.

Disclaimer: This is part of a series but each book is standalone

Crime Romance

Oh my goodness…I recently discovered this genre (by recently I mean two years ago, time has a way of getting away from me) and fell in love with one author in particular. I have read her so many times, ten does not do it justice.

So without further ado, I give you my top crime romance read.

Crime Lord Series by Mia Knight

I cannot express how much I love these books. The whole series and everything that Mia Knight writes. If you are looking for a slightly darker read give this a go. It is not your run of the mill story, and what I love about it is that it balances the fine line f dark and edgy so well without crossing over into a book that makes you cringe.

If you think this is a genre you want to try, or you love this genre, you have to try it. Again the link to the Amazon page is included above if you want to read more about these books.

Disclaimer: These books are part of a series, but the link is for the set of the original trilogy.

Vampire Romance

Oh, this is one of my favorite genres. I fell in love with vampire stories as a young girl and I am as much in love now as I was then. I have read the big name ones, Twilight for example, and while I enjoyed those book they are not my favorite in the list.

What is my favorite is a modern tale of Dracula, filled with humor, mystery and of course romance.

Once Burned by Jeanine Frost

This is a spin-off series from another set of characters by Jeanine Frost. I loved the original books as well, but Vlad and Leila take the cake for me. I once read the series book to book and when I finished the last one I legit picked book one right back up and read it again.

If your interested to read more about it, the Amazon link is above where you can find all the good stuff like the description and so on.

Disclaimer: These books are part of a series and have cliff hangers.


Woah doggy, another good one! You would think I made this list myself…

Anyways, in this category really only one could ever top it. This is the book that in many ways inspired me to be a writer. I love this series so much.

Lord of the Fading Lands by C.L. Wilson

This is complete fantasy, with different species and a new land full of places and creatures I have never heard of before or since. I can fall into this story so easily, and get lost in the world C.L. Wilson has created.

If you want to read what it is all about, follow the link above.

Disclaimer: These books are part of a series and have cliff hangers.

Historical Romance

This genre is a little different from the rest for me. I have to be in the mood for this one. And I have read so many books that I don’t like in this genre that I often am leary to try new ones.

BUT, that being said I do have some favorites, and they are all by a specific author. I am going to provide you a link to one now, but will no doubt add more as they come to me.

Once A Princess by Johanna Lindsey

So many of Johanna Lindsey’s books have special places in my heart, but this one is just a little more than the rest. The heroine is a spit-fire and the hero is a little bit damaged, but all the better for it. I really enjoy this book and read it at least twice a year.

As always, th Amazon link is above to let you check out the page.

Fairy Tale Romance (Modern Twists)

This is a smaller, more specific genre, but in no way less entertaining. I really love reading someones take on a tale as old as time, and this one takes the cake. I have read a handful in this genre and while entertaining I rarely find my rereads here. But this one just enthralled me.

Depravity by M.J. Haag

It has so much in this, romance and adventure are just the start. This is a twist on Beauty and the Beast and it is very well done. I fell in love with Benella (the heroine) right away. She is tenacious and doesn’t take no crap from anyone.

If this is something that might pique your interest, follow to the Amazon page and read the full description.

Disclaimer: These books are part of a series and have cliff hangers.

Alright! That is it for now. I will be updating this page as new favorites find their way to me, in the meantime go forth and read everything you can. Reading is the best way to broaden the mind. And please, please feel free to comment some of your top reads so I can give them a try.

Happy Reading!


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