• The True Immortals Series
    • Full series available on Kindle! Details and links below
  • Gelder Shorts: Available on Kindle Vella with regular updates
    • Etan’s Story: Etan’s Hidden Pain which was originally started on this site has been expanded to 15 chapters and is being released to Kindle Vella weekly as of January 2023.
    • Kowan’s story: Kowan’s Anger will be released on Kindle Vella weekly beginning in February 2023. Delve deeper into this warrior’s story with a weekly update, or save them up and binge-read it.
  • Gelder Warriors: Coming soon to Kindle Vella and Kindle
    • Golon’s story is coming! It will be released as I write it onto Kindle Vella, first chapter is scheduled to go live in February. And then final edits and tweaks will be done and then released as a full Kindle book.

The True Immortals Series:

Soulmates? Check.
Tumultuous meeting? Check.
Big misunderstanding? Check.
Groveling? Check.
Space wars? Check.
Fantastical powers? Check.

This book tells the story of two soulmates and the adventure they take to fall in love while fighting a war that’s been raging for millennia.

Join Danion and Eleanor on their path of finding one another and protecting all they hold dear.

Book One: The Claimed Queen

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Book Two: The Hidden Queen

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Book Three: The Lost Queen

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Emjaye963_The lost Queen

Book Four: The Mated Queen

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