Welcome to E.M. Jaye Books!

E.M. is an avid reader, reading everything she could get her hands on her whole life. She has a passion for storytelling and science. A former science teacher, E.M. has always enjoyed finding ways to explore the world around her and share her joy with the world.

E.M. always strives to put some actual facts into her books, so that while you are enjoying a wonderful story, you are also learning without realizing it. A book is not a book without romance, so every book that E.M. writes is packed full of romantic suspense.

When E.M. is not writing, she is running, biking, or taking her little one to the park. Her favorite people in the entire world are her husband and daughter, who supports her in her writing career. Never complaining when she is cranky because the muse was strong and she stayed up until four A.M. putting words on the page.

E.M. focuses her work in modern science fiction and romance genres. E.M. has a degree in Molecular Biology and enjoys building characters and stories around relevant and true scientific facts. She started out writing about “The True Immortals” a science fiction romance based in the future. It features action, romance, mystery, and so much more. Link over to her books tab, or click here, to purchase a copy today!

Once the Gelder’s have told her all they have to say, E.M. plans on writing some contemporary romance novels that will feature her passion for strong characters who have flaws that need to be overcome.

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