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Book Updates and Life

Hello readers!

I’m excited to announce I have two manuscript’s first drafts completed and ready for edits! Etan’s story and my new contemporary romance Hate at First Sight.

But even more exciting news… Golon’s story is coming along nicely. After a long stretch of starting and stopping this book for various health and family related reasons, it became so hard to immerse myself back into the story. It became this seemingly insurmountable beast in my mind.

But I challenged myself to get back into my passion, writing, and do it! I had a small niggle of a muse for just a rom com book so last fall I started writing it and slowly fell in love with writing all over again. Thus, Hate at First Sight was born. Then I was told about Kindle Vella by an author friend and I decided to put myself on a deadline by publishing the books as I write them. I do my best work with a deadline, and it sure has worked.

Golon’s book is longer than I ever expected or planned but I am blowing through the manuscript right now. I tend to stay immersed in one story for several days and then my brain jumps to another. I’m not sure why, but it’s always worked this way. In Danion and Eleanor’s books that was fine because the other books I jumped to was just the next ones in the series. Not so much now.

The book versions of these stories will have new scenes and added content that was not released in the vella version as the vella’s are early drafts of my writing process and I airways add several scenes later on in the process. I do add notes after a lot of the chapters with behind the scenes tid bits of my writing process as well.

I’ve figured out a system that works, I wrote a lot the past few years but never strung them all together in a cohesive book and then sent it off for editing. But it’s happening now, my hope is to start bringing new books online multiple times a year like I used to do when I was writing The True Immortals Series.

I’m prioritizing Golon’s story, but due to the fact the other ones I’m writing are about half the length, they are finishing up quicker. I’m pushing hard to have Golon released this year. And barring unforeseen massive editing delays, I see no reason it shouldn’t be. Etan’s short story is with an editor now and Kowan’s will be next in the Gelder universe as his is a short as well.

Nix and Arsenio’s stories are going to be started once Golon’s is complete but they do have rough outlines already has they have many overlapping scenes with Golon’s book. Exciting times are ahead.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me.

As Always,

Happy Reading


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