Gelder Shorts

Gelder Shorts: Chapter Two- Etan’s Hidden Pain Part 1

I am so happy to announce chapter two is here! These will be coming out weekly on Wednesdays and will be slightly different from the previous chapter’s layout. These will build off eachother more and not jump around so much in the story line to help provide more depth to the struglle Etan is going through in the beginning parts of Danion and Eleanor’s story.

Reading the books that introduce these character is not necessary, they are entertaining in their own right, but I do recommend checking the books out if you enjoy these stories. You get  more depth to the characters, and may just pick up on little clues about upcoming books.

I am planning some more exciting things for the blog, so anything in particular you want to see drop a comment below. Also, don’t forget to follow the blog to get up to date lists of all the new posts.

As always, happy reading!

Gelder Shorts- Chapter Two: Etan’s Hidden Pain Part 1


I stare at my king with a pleasant smile on my face. It is deceiving, this smile of mine. Some would say I am blessed with the ability to always appear peaceful. But I know it is a curse.

I have lost everything that I have ever cared about because of this deim lineage. Caeli, one of the great lineages it is the power of air. As a Gelder warrior, I am gifted with the ability to control certain forms of matter in the world around me. All warriors possess some form of control, but only a few have risen to the level of master in one of the great lineages.

I am so lucky, and so unlucky as it were.

Each lineage comes with its own specific form of side effects. Warriors who are masters in the fire lineage ignis, for example, are quick to anger. Hotheads every one of them.

But caeli is so much worse. I am cursed to be tied to happiness, no matter my own true emotions. I am driven to help others, to shed light into the darkness. I am light-hearted, but that does not mean I am without feeling. It is easy an easy mistake to make. The air that flows so readily through me provides me with a calm personality.

I am often the self-volunteered therapist to my fellow warriors, and even my king. Whenever tensions rise in our group, I am the one who can calm the storms.

Which will most definitely be needed soon, if what I am hearing from Danion our king is correct.

He is bringing the traitor Arsenio out from his exile to fill the ranks of our soon to be queen’s praesidium. To grant a traitor such an exalted position will not go over well. I can sense the unease in my fellow warriors.

More so in Malin, our anium master. He is normally hard to ruffle, his control over the elements of water granting him the ability to roll with whatever arises. But given his history with Arsenio, it is of little surprise that this news would be upsetting.

I hear a door opening to my left, and turn towards the sound. What I see shocks even me, Arsenio himself walking in with arrogance dripping off him with every step. I sense a disturbance to my right, and look over to see Malin tense further and then walk out the door behind.

The room is filled with awkward, but no less deadly, tension. My warrior instincts prompt me to bend my knees just slightly and move my hands close to my sides where dozens of scimaars are concealed in my clothing. Prepared for anything.

“Warriors, you will need to put your personal feelings aside.” Danion, our King speaks in a deep gravelly voice. “We all know what Arsenio did to earn his banishment, but we all also know that no one is more gifted in fire. He will be brought on for the good of my mate.”

With those brief words, Danion too turns to leave. A wise choice, Arsenio’s dislike of Gelder custom is solely rooted in Danion himself not the rest of us.

One by one, the rest of the highest ranking warriors in the Gelder Fleet slowly file past Arsenio with no spoken words. I see only two who acknowledge him with a small nod of their head.

Internally I sigh, but on the outside no visible signs of my dislike of Arsenio is present. I remain where I am while the remaining warriors make their way to the door. Once we are alone, I speak.

“It appears I am the only one left to welcome you to our praesidium. I am sure Kowan, as leader, will be speaking with you at a later time.” Arsenio turns to stare at me with ill-disguised contempt.

“Oh, yes. The chipper fellow with the permanent smile on his face. What good will you do me?” He sneers to me. “Your power is laughable and you are still so deim positive it is downright sickening.”

He turns to leave the room, but I shoot my power out and lock him in place. With my ever present smile in place, I walk to him, enjoying his obvious annoyance at being trapped by a ‘chipper fellow’.

“Let us speak plainly here, you fool who possesses no honor. Caeli is a force to be reckoned with. Where your power makes you impulsive mine makes me calm. Where your power bashes rage against your mind, mine tempers all emotions on the surface.” I say it all with a smile.

While not impossible for me to lose a smile, it takes considerable emotional over load to achieve a somber appearance. But deep inside, the pain and the rage is always there. And it always will be, I have lost the only thing that could ever make me happy. Without it, my best hope is to live out a meaningful life filled with duty and honor.

“What emotions?” Arsenio bites out, but his body relaxes in the hold my power has on him. With barely a thought, I allow my weaves to dissipate.

“I feel every bit of what you did. The pain you caused and the death you wrought will forever be burnt into my memory. But, the curse of caeli compassion you so readily mock compels me to spare my brethren the pain your mere presence will bring.” I turn to walk towards the doo her entered from.

“Etan, why do you call it a curse?” Arsenio’s quiet words stop me in my tracks.

I turn to him and see nothing but curiosity in his gaze. I sense he needs to feel a connection to us, to me in order to find his way back to the path of duty and honor. So, as much as I don’t want to share with him I find myself opening my mouth to bring life to words I have never uttered before.

“Because, Arsenio, on the surface I am a happy male with no concerns at all. But underneath that veneer that I cannot fight, is a male who has lost everything because no one can see past that wall my power puts out. I once thought true happiness was within my grasp, only to have my very self deprive me of it.  Because everyone sees the happy, and is blind to the hidden pain inside.”

I turn to look him in the eye, this warrior who was labeled a traitor for his heinous crimes against his own people.

“I am wracked with so much suffering inside that if I could, I would cry.” I stare at him, allowing my words to penetrate. Warriors don’t cry, but of how I wish I could. “But, crying is not something a caeli master can do. We are filled with an unrelenting drive to bring joy to those around us.  We are cursed to spread happiness, but wallow in our own despair.”

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