Gelder Shorts

Gelder Shorts- Chapter One: Kowan’s Anger Part Four

Hi Everyone!

Here is part four, the final installment will be coming next week. I hope you are enjoying getting to see the Gelder world from a new perspective and getting to know Kowan better!


Kowan’s Anger- Part Four

“Amell, how is Eleanor?” I speak to the terra master urgently. Our Queen, Eleanor, has just been attacked. I know nothing of the particulars yet. Only that she has been rushed to the hael wing, and that the top healer in the entire Gelder population is seeing to her.

“She is stable, for now.” The rock master murmurs gravely. “Poison, and it should have killed her.”

The last two words ricochet through me, filling me with terror. Kill her. The sweet, innocent female that has begun healing my jaded soul. Reviving my belief in the female kind, mending the jagged hole that Sylva left behind after her callous rejection of me.

Though that is not quite right. It was more than just rejection that Sylva did to me. Rejection I could have accepted. It is the fact that in her rejection she revealed that she lied to me the entire time we were together. Deceived me in how deep her feelings went. While I thought we were building genuine affection for one another, she saw me as a mere distraction.

Eleanor has burrowed deep into my heart, her purity of soul has reminded me why we must treasure our immortality. Why we must honor the gift we have been given by protecting life. A world without her shining light within it is inconceivable.

“What do you mean for now? What did Jarlin say? If it was meant to kill her, how did they fail?” I demand of Amell. I need more information so that I can plan her guard. No one will get near her again.

“He said that the poison is lethal to humans. One hundred percent of the time.” The gravelly words of Amell do not make sense at first. Even upon closer examination they still mean nothing to me.

“I do not understand, she is human.”

“No, apparently she is not. She is half human.” Amell holds up his hand to stem the question on my lips. “Before you ask, we do not know yet what she is. Jarlin is investigating this.”

“Do you think that she will be able to survive this?” I ask desolately. While I do not suspect that I will ever be able to love anyone again, not in a romantic sense, Ellie is the closest I have come since the lying sneke that is Sylva.

“Yes, our Eleanor is stronger than she appears. Jarlin is ensuring her survival, there is no one better suited.” I nod at Amell, no there is not. Jarlin is the most skilled healer in the cosmos. “We are better suited for ensuring that Eleanor is protected from further attacks. And keeping Danion sane.”

“Oh, yes. The bond madness will be tearing at him, and he was already precariously close to the edge as it was.” Concern slithers up my spine.

Bond madness is no laughing matter, it can drive a warrior to lose all control of his emotions and his powers. Danion has been struggling since Eleanor came on aboard, and the month long battle of wills that they waged did not help. Yet another reason I have no desire to find a mate. Bond madness is not a curse I wish to bear.

“The pain that Danion must be feeling…it must be tearing him apart.” Amell murmurs, his words causing me to stiffen.

“Pain? I would say he appears more angry than in pain.” So similar to my own anger. This never ending fury that swirls around me, refusing to ever let me know peace.

“Yes, he may appear angry, but the anger is fueled by pain. A pain so deep that the rage may very well consume him. If he loses her…we all may perish in the storm his pain will bring.” Amell speaks solemnly.

He is unaware of how his words have affected me though. Etan also hinted that pain can fuel a great rage but I discounted him. Perhaps I was hasty. There is no denying that our King is suffering, his mate poisoned and near death.

But his outward emotion is anger, not pain. An anger that possesses an eerily similar appearance to mine own. In all honesty though, I did feel pain when Sylva abandoned me. Could it be that pain is why I have not been able to let go of this burning rage.

If so, maybe I can finally find a way to free myself of these raging shackles that lasso me to the darkness. Maybe.

“I want two guards at all times outside this wing. No one, and I mean no one, except for Jarlin and Danion are to pass through without extensive vetting from us.” Amell’s clipped orders bring back to the problem at hand. The would be assassin in our midst.

“Yes, I concur.” As I am the leader of her guard, it is my responsibility to give orders to ensure her safety. Not Amell’s. “In addition, no one except for Danion and Jarlin will be inside without a guard present.”

“What of Joy? She will be attending her appointments here.”

Oh yes, another female who must be protected. Unlike Eleanor, Joy has never made me feel peaceful in her presence. She is so vivacious it makes me feel ill at ease. Unsure how to communicate with her. But she does carry the young of our species.

“She will be checked prior to entering the wing, but she can be inside without a guard.” I grudgingly yield. She will be there for long periods of time, and Jarlin will almost always be there with them.

“Very well, who should take the first rounds?” Amell asks me.

“I will, I will send for Griffin to take post with me. Amell, I want you and the others to being searching for the assassin…” Alarms begin blasting throughout the ship.

I flick my eyes to Amell, dread in them. That is a warning of a massive failure of the control grid. Danion and Golon come flying out of the hael wing.

“Guard her!” Is all that we hear as they rush down the corridor.

Amell and I share a look, “With my life.” I murmur. We have dark days ahead, and I will lay down my own life before more harm comes to our Queen.

“And mine as well.” Amell answers in return.

While my anger is refusing to fade from me completely, I know that I am close to expunging it once and for all. And my success is hinged on the small, delicate female who lies in the chamber behind me.

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