Gelder Shorts

Chapter One: Kowan’s Anger- Part 2

The next installment on Kowan’s Anger is here! These are designed to be a stand alone mini series for characters that are introduced in the Gelder books, which are available here. While it is not strictly necessary to read the books to enjoy this series, it is best to have read the books beforehand.

For some more information on how these Gelder Shorts will be set up, they will be in ‘Chapters’ that are broken up into five parts. Each chapter will focus on one character, and there will be a small plot that carries over into the other parts. Each chapter will be released once a week, on Wednesday while the chapter is unfolding.

These stories will give you a little more insight into the characters, as well as give a few hints for future books to come! Kowan is a character I really connect with, and I hope you enjoy his journey.


Kowan’s Anger- Part 2

I ignore the message that is flashing at me on the communications tablet in my quarters, just as I have been ignoring it for the last several rotations. I have no desire to hear her voice, none what so ever. The female who betrayed me and lied to my face.

I turn away in disgust, quickly exiting the room and heading down the gleaming golden halls of the ship towards the research labs. I am heading to meet the highest ranking intellectual officer in the entire fleet, Golon. He is cousin to our King, and the only known being in the galaxy who possesses the ability to access every scrap of information he has ever read, seen, or heard.

It might not sound that glamorous at first, but when you consider that he has lived for over two and half thousand years, you realize the enormity of his gift. His knowledge has allowed him to rise to second in command of the fleet, only the King himself is above him.

We are planning on meeting and discussing the situation that our Queen was found in on Earth. A rocky planet inhabited by mortals that was the eighth addition to our Pact World agreement. This agreement covers the mortal planets that we protect from any outside threats. Such as the genocidal Erains (Air-ens) who crave death and destruction. One hundred Earth years ago we intervened and prevented the Erains from wiping out all of humanity.

We did this in exchange for the same thing we always do with Pact World’s, females. As a dying race, we are in desperate need of females to mate with, especially since those who are genetically compatible with us are few and far between. Eleanor, our new Queen, who I just escorted here to our royal ship, came from just such an alliance.

This alliance was not honored by the humans, they abused our future Queen horribly. While they might not have known she would be Queen, they knew she was important to us. We sent provisions for her, she should have been pampered. Why she suffered is something I am determined to get to the bottom of. While Eleanor is a female just like the lying Sylva, I am honor-bound to protect her and serve her. Even lay down my life for her if it becomes necessary. A female. Females lie as easily as they breathe…well that is not strictly true.

I must admit, our Queen is something special. There is a purity of soul that radiates out of her. I find that rather than pity for my King, I feel joy for him and the new mate that he was blessed with. Maybe some females are different from others…

No, impossible. Sylva was, is the most powerful and respected warrior in the fleet after Elite class warriors like myself and the rest of the Queen’s guard, and she lied to me for centuries. Eleanor is merely an exception to the rule. One I am not likely to find again.

“Greetings, Kowan. What ails you so? You look positively dreadful.” Golon speaks to me without opening his eyes. He is hovering over a small raised mat on the floor in his library, which is adjacent to his many laboratories. I know better than to question how he knows of my appearance without the use of his eyes. A male of Golon’s exceptional gifts is not one to trifle with.

“I am merely contemplating the struggles of our Queen back on Earth, and what circumstances might have led to her horrendous treatment.” It is not strictly a lie, merely an omission. I cannot bring myself to admit to my internal struggle of Sylva.

With my words, Golon’s face darkens. “Yes, it is abominable what was done to her. We must punish those who were responsible.”

I glance around the room, “Shouldn’t Danion be here? He is King after all, and this is his mate.”

“Yes, but with the bond madness so heavy upon him, I do not think it necessary to include him at this time.” His gaze falls heavy on mine. I understand what he is implying, our King is near his breaking point already. His power is bursting from him, he even harmed Eleanor unintentionally on their first meeting.

“You may be right, but it does concern his mate. He will want to be a part of these discussions.” I point out to him, we were both presents when the bond madness took ahold of our King earlier. For the first time in a long time, Danion lost control of his power. I for one do not want to be the one who causes his next lapse, I may not survive it.

Golon opens his mouth to respond, but a summons from his own communication tablet flashes. He walks over to it and accepts the communication request.

A three-dimensional display of the very female I have been actively avoiding for years flashes in front of me, Sylva. I have only spoken to her in a professional manner since her rejection of me, and the image of her in her body-hugging casual attire is a kick to the gut. She is still the only female that I could see myself with, and it is a scimaar in the chest that she wants nothing to do with me.

“Golon, I wanted to speak with you about a disturbing dream I had… Kowan? Is that you?” Sylva turns towards me, and I am forced to step up to the display. I refuse to cower and avoid her.

“Yes, it is me. I was discussing business with Golon.”

“Kowan, I really need to talk to you. This disagreement we have has caused enough strain between the two of us. Please, will you meet with me and we can put the past behind us? We were once partners, the best in the fleet…” I have had enough.

“Yes, we used to be. And now I have claimed a much more esteemed position than your partner. I have risen as high as a warrior can hope to rise to, I am the leader of our Queen’s praesidium, and that is a title I do not wish to give up. We went our separate ways, and that is all there is to it.”

“Kowan, please just let us talk about this…”

“No.” I turn my attention to Golon. “I will leave you to discuss Sylva’s dreams, and we can continue this later.”

As I turn to go, Sylva speaks again in a despondent tone that I refuse to fall for again. “No, you stay, it was nothing important, just some strange feelings I had while asleep. It is nothing.”

She makes quick and polite goodbyes and then she is gone. Once the likeness of her is gone from the room, I can finally breathe again.

Golon stares at me, “Kowan, perhaps speaking with her will lessen the pain you feel.”

“I feel no pain, only anger. Rage in fact. For the deceptions she had no problem telling me. Though I cannot forgive her, I wish her no ill will. But the anger is not something that I can let go of. It is a part of me, and it always will be.”

“If you are sure,” Golon murmurs, doubt evident in his tone.

I sigh to myself, I am not sure at all. Oh, how I wish I could let go of this anger. It has been a part of me for so long that it is beginning to shape me into a male I do not care for. Before Eleanor, I have never met a female since Sylva that I can trust. I am turning into a bitter old warrior who knows no joy. How can I heal a wound that I do not know I have?

I do not know, but I am beginning to hope that I can find that answer soon before it is too late.

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